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Michèle and Olivia have worked together for seven years with large and smaller projects within the fashion and lifestyle industry.

Before becoming a consultant, Michèle has worked for 15 years within the fashion and lifestyle industry as a brand and marketing manager, export manager and purchase manager. She has a strong experience within the retail industry as well.

Olivias core competenties are within marketing, social media and running succesful projects from the start to the end.

We provide an unique synergy, a strong experience, and a large palette of services and partnerships. We understand the challenging processes from the creation to selling your product to the consumer.

Scandinavian Sustainable aim at gathering the creative industry from the bottom to the top, from the crowd to the crowd, focusing on sustainability and creating transparency for the ethical customers.

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Email: info@scandinaviansustainable.com

DK: +45 28 25 42 40

NL: +31 6 84 85 57 90


Scandinavian Sustainable IVS

Birk Centerpark 89A, 7400 Herning, Denmark

Zouavenlaan 39, 5037MT Tilburg, The Netherlands

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