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Hello from New York City!

We are so thankful for being invited by FounderMade as influencers to represent Scandinavia at the Consumer Discovery Show the 17th – 18th november in Spring Studio, New York.

The Consumer Discovery Show is a summit bringing together upcoming sustainable and organic brands, investors, retailers, executives and influencers within the wellness, beauty, skincare and food industries.

At the Speakers Lounge we really got inspired by both panel talks and debates with some of the most popular Co-founders and entrepreneurs from for example – Anthropologie, Starbucks and drybar. Debates were mostly focused on future consumerism trends, the impact of social medias and influencers when founding a new organic brand, and on how to make a small organic business grow.

At the Discovery Lounge we were honored to meet the upcoming sustainable brands. We really could feel the passion that drives all actors from the organic industry; a true and authentic business by heart. Such a great and positive atmosphere! These people really aim at making the world a better place.

We met believers, as us – people, that again and again use the words “build a community, build a crowd”!

Our favorite upcoming sustainable brands in beauty and wellness

@illumabeauty – A non toxic beauty brand based out of Orlando Florida. Illuma is plant based, vegan without any chemicals and with minimal ingredients.

We tried the Illuma foundation, and it’s amazing.

@oral_essentials – Toothpaste and mouthwash made from naturally derived whole ingredients. Based in Los Angeles.

Oral Essentials also do whitening strips. We tested it and are really impressed by the result.

@clecosmetics – A makeup and skincare line using natural ingredients, such as bamboo extract, soybeans, blueberry etc.

@foundermade Beauty & Business: Thriving in a changing consumer climate

15 highlights and quotes we love from the Speakers:

1. “Involve the consumers”

2. “Create a buzz starting from the influencers on Instagram before launch”

3. “Nice packaging gives a quick understanding”

4. “Let the consumers test it!”

5. “Be unique. Be authentic”

6. “Make your story and rules shine through”

7. “Make it better for you and the world”

8. “Remember: people have to purchase your products more than once, to become loyal consumers”

9. “A lot of smaller brands in the futures”

10. “Give your product to children and make them test it. They are transparent and they will tell the truth”

11. “Tell a story about how passionate you and your brand are”

12. “To build a sustainable and durable business takes time. Make sure you don’t grow too fast. Quality takes time to scale.”

13. “The modern consumer wants credibility, and wants to see the benefit of the products and the brand”

14. “Behind the scenes and transparency are crucial”

15. “You must let the consumers feel better”

“Peace starts with empathy” – Michèle and Olivia

Let’s invite the consumer!

Everyone is talking about the consumer.

We must develop organic products that the consumers want to buy and request. We must let them test the product before it is completely launched. We must involve them from the start!

The consumer is the one buying the product in the end and therefore she/he should be in the center. The consumer decides, whether your brand is a failure or a million dollar brand. 

SO: let’s invite the consumer!  We would love to give the consumer more power and more knowledge about sustainability, products and brand awareness.

Let’s bring the consumer together with the brands, the retailers and the investors. Because in the end, the investor IS the consumer.


“Thanks again Foundermade for the GOOD VIBES and an inspiring Consumer Discovery Show 2017.”


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